Whoa Dead Space 2, you scary!!

The first Dead Space made me jump quite a few times, but I've been playing Dead Space 2 for less than an hour and it's made me jump like crazy. I'm playing it in the dark and using my Tritton AX 720 headset and whoa... It's not even the freaking creatures or the gore that scares me, it's the stupid stuff like the TV turning on loudly or the water sprinklers suddenly spraying to put out a fire. I'M LOVING IT!


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LOL that dam tv!

^^ Just played through another time and MAN! This game keeps you on your toes. I haven't played in awhile so I forgot a lot of the spawns and I was gettin hit, was jumping and everything. Good stuff, I think im going to die a lot on the new game.

Spoiler alert!  Maybe!

I'm glad others are having the same reaction to this game as I am.  That alarm clock, like Waffle said, gets me.  Also, toward the end of the game with the creature that won't die gets me.  I would turn around to see where it was, and it would be right behind me.  

NICE! Glad to see your enjoying the game, it definitely can creep you out if you play it the way your suppose to (which is the way your are lol).

the alarm clock gets me everytime

lol yeah its the little things that creep you out as opposed to the actual enemies. Excellent game, its rare that a sequel can pick up where the first left off and hit the ground running. Really looking forward to the third.

The first time through the Dead Space games is always the most fun, you think something will happen and it doesn't and when you least expect it, you get a jolt lol.