Who's on your bounty list?

Okay, so this is for people who are proud of how far they have gotten in this game and who they have killed! (Boss wise)

  • Taurus Demon (8 Attempts)
  • The Bell Gargoyles (2 Attempts)
  • Capra Demon (3 Attempts)
  • Gaping Dragon (3 Attempts)
  • Chaos Witch Quelaag ( 5 Attempts) (MOST REWARDING)

What about your's guys?


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I usually kill the bosses in about 2 to 3 fights, so I guess put all of them...can't remember the ones that only toke 1 try...OH WAIT Nito toke 1 try and Chaos Witch also only toke 1 try, only ones I can remember

You finished the game? Madness! But congrats :)

Quelaag took one attempt for me as well. I was able to summon 2 players and they were really good. Hopefully I get that lucky against the 2 bosses in Anor Londo.

Hardest boss fight in your opinion??

summoning ppl makes the boss fights like 20 times easier. i feel like im cheating when i do it

Smough and Ornstein are by far the hardest so far for me. I am not nearly strong enough to beat them yet. But like Masslegion, I beat most of the bosses so far in 2 or 3 tries, except for Quelaag, took me 1 time, gargoyles and taurus 1 time, and Gaping Dragon 1 time.

Smough and Ornstein but the final boss if your not careful (He attacks very fast, if you want to know how I beat him just let me know.)

Hmmm, so, I have that white summon stone okay. I pop a Humanity that's in my inventory, and then offer myself as a Human. BOOM, I'm Human. But, I still can't use it. Do I need to be Human AND have Humanity at the same time? Also, where should I put a sign, like just before a boss battle? What happens if you fail a boss with 2 other's? Do you have to get 2 more Humanity and do it again?? Thanks

No, just need to be human.  I know you can't be too near a bonfire, other than that I don't know what's going on with your stone.  

I would put the stone either: Just outside the entrance to a boss fight or closer to a bonfire.  Can't be too close mind you.

If you fail the boss fight the summoned phantoms are sent back to their world.  You'll have to regain humanity and try summoning help again.  

I did, I placed it just next to the white fog. I'll try again, but it seems that my stone has glitched or something... DAMN!