Who's doing all the quests? (very small possible spoiler)

I was over at a buddies house yesterday. He was bragging he finished Skyrim (he plays on a PC), so we loaded up character. He got level 38, maxed out heavy armor and two hand. He had the clear skys shout so Im guessing that is one of the final shouts you learn. I told him Im level 47, etc, etc,etc....  He did very few misc quests, comparing his map to mine, he has only touched the tip of the iceberg as for exploring.  Now I know everyone has there own play ideas, just wondering how many people are heading straight for the end of the game and who's getting deep into Skyrimming trying to get every possible quest finished?


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Clear Skies is one of the first shouts you learn in the quest line...not near the end. There are some shouts that you get towards the end of the game, some being (HIGHLIGHT TO READ) Call Dragon, Summon *insert legend names here, can't remember what they called* (END HIGHLIGHT)

I wouldn't class level 38 completing the game, considering the highest level is 81 and half I believe. (81 at least). I'd guess he has loads to do, thieves guild,dark brotherhood, mages, companions, bards college, daedric quests, dragon priests...list could go on.

Me personally, I'm on my 3rd playthrough and don't plan on touching the main story as completed it on my 2nd. (1st glitched), I may play to get the first dragon so I can unlock the shouts etc. But other than that, I'm going to play the other guilds I haven't done yet.

I'm almost to level 19 have about 50 or so hours (2 months in game) have cleared but 13 dungeons, finished 4 of the major quest, 3 for the mages, and a bunch of favors and misc but have found 110 places. I do a lot of exploring and I stop to clean the outsides of dungeons but seldom venture in yet because I still get killed a lot by someone bad twice my level. I won't do every quest though I would like to discover every location. Speaking of exploring, I'm finding more than a few deeply unpleasant people and locations which was far less likely in Morrowind or Oblivion. Is it just the times do you think?

I am at 165 hours and plan to do as many missions as possible in this game.  I didnt finish the "main" campaign until after 100 hours but I was taking my time.


I am guessing to do everything or close to everything in Skyrim would put you well over 500-600 hours.  Someone saying they "finished Skyrim" at level 38 must only be talking about the main storyline mission.  Because there is NO way you will beat everything in Skyrim and only be level 38. Thats impossible. In fact you wont even find every location on the map and only be levlel 38.  

I try and do everything on all my RPG's.  So I will probably do this one the same.  Just like Oblivion.  In Oblivion I did every quest there was all but the Dark Brotherhood [ I didn't kill folks in it ] and the main quest , and the cure for vamperism. But I did everything else.  The only problem I run into with doing that is. Just like Oblivion it took me so long to do everything I ended up not finishing the game because I played it for months then some new awesome game would come out and then I would quit for awhile and always come back to it later but as the years drag on I would come back less and less.  But this time I have set a goal.  I want to be done at least two weeks before ME3 comes out so I can beat ME2 again and be ready for ME3.

The main quest can be completed pretty much anytime you want and even though I avoided finishing the main quest for a long time, I wish I had completed it earlier in the game because you get some epic rewards.  And finishing the main campaign does not ruin anything else in the game.  I thought it would but it doesnt and there is still a TON of stuff to do after the main campaign. In fact I would say the main campaign is only maybe 5% of the game if even that.  

Is really sad that some "RPG gamers" like to  rush in RPGs completing only the main quest  not experiencing  all the things a game like this have to offer .As old RPG gamer of the old generation and i do play RPGs the way it should be : completing side/miscellaneous/optional quest first and Main quest mission to the last.

It just makes more sense to do side quests and such first, so you're leveled up and stronger for the main quests.

Actually, isn't is IMPOSSIBLE to finish this game???


With the Radiant Quest System ... the game will keep generating quests for you to do (not to mention the forthcoming DLCs) ... so, how can you finish!?!


At least that's what Todd Howard said in his interview:  http://www.wired.com/gamelife/2011/11/skyrim-infinite-quests/

[quote user="SargonParidius"]Actually, isn't is IMPOSSIBLE to finish this game???[/quote]

Yes and no being very subjective at best. The "Radiant" Quest are nothing more then go kill this guy, go kill that guy, go kill a random Dragon and so forth. They get old after a while. The generated "cookie cutter" Quest and have very little value other then simply for doing them.

I'm trying to do more of the side quests. Some of the major ones got a little frustrating...  :) I wanted to try something that would make me smile. So I'm doing stupid things like telling somebody that another person likes them, finding random things in dungeons, and so forth.  :)

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