Who would win?

Who would win in a fight between Sovereign and Harbinger?


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Blasto would slaughter both, no contest

Damn it Wrex needs to know

Sovereign would win bec -   ASSUMING DIRECT CONTROL.  We are Harbinger, Nazara was just a night watchmen. He failed to activate the Citadel, now we must destroy you the hard way. Nazara has gone the way of the Protheans, Harbinger endures.

Kal'Reeger would fly in and kill them both.

I might get flak for this, but my personal favorite of the two is actually Harbinger. I don't know why, but I always have gotten the feeling that Harbinger is just more interesting and more powerful than Sovereign. Maybe it's because I think his use of proxies in ME2 was pretty damn cool.

Conrad Verner would beat them both, though.

Nope Niftu Cal would win.