Who would play STAR WARS zombies?

Just a random thought, but since treyarch found a way to licencse 5  hollywood characters/names, made me start thinking about the merger of other iconic franchises. Imagine a dingy abandoned section of the death star, and wave after wave of  undead stormtroopers and imp. officers.  Who would we get as the 4 surrvivors. I'd vote for Han, Lea, Mr. Fett, and Young Obi wan.  Lucas would probably make another grip of cash for selling those rights! Like he needs more!!!


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If you want to fight the undead in space I would recommend the Husk from Mass Effect.

Just play the Moon map to kill zombs in space, or play Lego Star Wars.

Id def pay for that, but of course Im a lil biased. Pack a punch bowie knife turns into a lightsaber = im in!

If I couldn't play as Jabba the Hut, I wouldn't buy it.

I wouldn't mind shooting up a bunch of Gungan. (Undead or otherwise)

Die Jar Jar!