Who screwed up Demolition?

I want the name of the person responsible for mucking up the spawns for Demolition. They used to be damn good, with only a minor hiccup here or there (compared to most gametypes) but now they're absolutely trash with the offense and defense trading sides regularly, random spawning all over the map for both teams and spawning on top of and behind enemy players.


I want this person's head on a pike for ruining this gametype. On a side note, next tot hat person's head I want the team that designed Liberation's spawns to join him. Particularly the person that decided that constantly spawning the US team in a tiny, narrow ditch to be constantly spawnkilled by people watching the spawns from across the map and killed by people standing not 5 feet from the spawnpoint was a good idea.


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Wanting heads on pikes is not very paragon like..

I rather trade sides with the other team or spawn in a random place than get in a spawn trap.

I hate the spawns on some of the maps for Demo. Mission is one of the worst. If you have a bad team that does not work well B is near impossible to get to with the defending team spawning right next to the bomb site. If you manage to clear out the area then the offensive team spawns down there and the defending team has a hard time getting there and defusing. Spawns have been an issue since the game came out...but I doubt they will fix them.

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Wanting heads on pikes is not very paragon like..


Wrong kind of paragon you've got there.