Who is your favorite character? *NO SPOILERS*

Again, *NO SPOILERS* ... I don't want to be the creator of a thread that gets littered with people ruining the game for others.


Mine is Franklin. Why? Just because.


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I like Tonya (Or is it Tanya?) the crackhead.  She has a nice pair of legs and a cute face.  I'm still holding out hope that she'll finally kick the habit.

Dunno. I just went and bailed from a aircraft. Good thing I tested this over water. No auto chute like CJ had I guess

off topic, but how to I put a parachute on :S

Trevor. Quite a few nut jobs like him round these parts(Orygun).

I like Michael too, he's got a good mobster vibe, a bit like Jimmy Conway/Brurke (Robert DiNiro) from Good Fellas or Sonny Black (Michael Madsen) in Donnie Brasco.

I must be the only one who really likes Michael. I like all three, but he's my favorite, with his interactions with Trevor and Franklin, and with the increasing drama within his family.

Mr 80's Movie Body Count Mother-F*****

Haha, just played A Fair Days Pay, best mission so far, and backs up why Trevor is the man!

lol, yea what Marwood said...Trevor for sure. Although I LOVE driving around as Franklin. His special ability is just so good...even though I sometimes die flying through the windshield. :D

Trevor, he's the type of crazy nut-job Grand Theft Auto has been needing as a lead character throughout the whole series, you'd expect someone like Trevor as a supporting character you get missions off in a GTA, but to have him as a lead is a breath of fresh air!


With Trevor is almost seems okay to take a prostitute (hooker in Americanish) to do the business, kill her and then take your money back!