Who is making the next game?

There has been lots of talk who is making the next fallout game. In the vault it says that bethesda owns all the rights now to fallout, but i think now that tim cain joined obsidian, Maulyoda has a thread about that. I think bethesda and obsidian shouled join together on this game and make a masterpiece. Who knows mabey obsidian will gain the rights to the fallout series. Tell me what you think or what you know.


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I made the thread notifying people of a news story about Tim Cain (the essential creator of Fallout) joining Obsidian; that doesn't mean I think that they'll be making the next Fallout game.  I hope they will, but it'll probably be Bethesda.  Regardless, anything Obsidian makes with Cain at the helm will probably be great.  He made other good games besides Fallout,  like Arcanum

I'd like to see Arcanum in a world exploration like FO:3/FO:NV.

Airships,magic and strange guns.Airships fly over head as you plod along by shanks mare cause your to poor this early in the game to buy a ticket.

i hope they join together and make a masterpiece.