Who is able to play MP in my house?

I was wondering if I'm the only profile that will be able to play the game in my house, or is the code tied into the console itself? Or maybe I'm completely off, but I heard there is a code to play online. Just trying to figure out if only one person is able to play MP without having to purchase another key or whatever? TIA.


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Thanks for the response. While I do enjoy having the ability to have the XBox Live Family Gold family pack for a cheaper rate then having to buy my sons accounts at full price, this does take away from it a bit if I have to do this to share my games with them. :-( I wish they'd allow at least for playing on the same console.

I mean I already have 3 consoles, 4 Live accounts, a kinect, vision camera, 50+ games myself, boys have about 80 games between them (including 3 Halo Reach, 2 GoW3, 2 Boarderlands, 2 SC: C so we can LAN or play while I'm away at school during the week).

Most were bought new, and now because of people renting or buying used I have to pay more to let my family enjoy it (online), or let them use my personal profile that I've had for the last 8 years? That's why I spent the extra money to get them there own XBL accounts. So I wouldn't have to share my profile if they wanted to play online with family and friends (isn't it?).

It's bad enough the amount of money getting put into games with downloading DLC, but now we have to pay extra to let people in our own house play online on a game we buy new? WOOT, WOOT!!! Kind of reminds me of Marvel Ultimate Alliance with their, "You can play upto 4 players local (everyone shares one screen), but as soon as you play on Live you can only do one Gold account per XBox." What a load of crap. lol. /rant Thanks again. ;-)

Alright... I lied, the boys only have 70 games, not including their arcade games. lol. I do have 50+ myself though, not including arcade. Then there's my PC I built 4 years ago and games for it. Man that's alot of money, not including the extra consoles, extra accounts, extra controllers, ethernet cables, limited editions games, Mt. Dew, beer, flowers for the Wife that are included in the cost of being a gamer. No wonder I haven't been able to afford that motorcycle I've been looking at. [o.O] lol.  

That is laughable.  What the hell am I paying my Xbox Live subscription for?

Its just EA doing their version of "licking up the crumbs or collecting spare change from under the couch cushions".

Now that it's been out for a couple days, does anyone have an answer for this?

Online code is tied to your gamertag....so if you activate it for Gamertag A, then Gamertag A will be the only tag that can play the game online.  If Gamertag B wants to play, he must either use Gamertag A's account, or pay $10 for another online code.

Alright, I'll come over dude and see if I can play MP at your house. You got any booze or bud?

Please...its only $10 if you buy the game used.  even if someone else in your house does want to play it on their tag, its a whole lot cheaper to shell out $10 for them to play it, than it is to buy another game.  EA does this so they get something back from the used game market.