who have madden 12

how is some people geting madden 12 early ????????????????????????


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I'm not the grammar police but come on.  "Who have madden 12" made me laugh.

how "is" some people "geting",,,, a little less time on the xbox and more time in school.

Haha. The above post made me laugh. "Who have madden 12". lol


Buisnesses that sell video games get the games shipped to them weeks sometimes even a month before the game is set for release and some shops sell the games before the street date, also known as the date the game is supposed to be released. They are not supposed to do this and can get into trouble. I take classes at my college with the manager at my local gamestop and we became friends. He sells games before their release dates to certain friends. I ended up getting Black Ops about a week or two before it came out. I don't get games from him early too often for risk of both of us being caught I and also don't want to take advantage of his generousity and get every game I want before they're set to be released. So I wait until a game I really can't wait for to ask him to let me know when they get it in. We already have plans for Gear of War 3 when it comes in.

Funny how somone with 50g's in gamer score is telling someone else to spend less time on an xbox......

I got a friend with 1200 points and 30 days played on both Call of duty's. Go figure, gamerscore hardly means anything except that maybe he's had his account since the beginning of (xbox live) time.

Exactly, been on live for 5 years, have a good job, family and buy a game usually once a month.  Like I said, it was just funny to read.

Many people are also playing the game early via the EA Season Pass


I like it so far

I don't have.

i have it through Season Ticket.  it's fun, i'm enjoying it.