Who has Halo 3?

Who has Halo 3 on their hard Drive ?


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Not me, don't have enough space on my harddrive to fit any games on it.  Also Bungie said it hinders the performance of the game.  Can't remember if it is better to install the Halo 3 multiplayer disk though.  I know Halo 3: ODST it is better to install on harddrive.

it was recommended when they started allowing installs NOT to install Halo 3.

the games designed (hard coded, canNOT be changed) to transfer some data from the disc to the HDD (hence the pre-load before games, SP and MP)

so installing on the HDD actually slows load times by transferring from one section of the HDD to another.

the process is considerably slower than from disc to HDD

so its also not recommended to even buy the dload version if you value faster load times.


But who actually has this game on the hard drive?

Yeah I have it installed on my drive.