Who has Fallout NV?

who has fallout NV installed to their hard drive?


Will it run smoother ?


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I think it does, at least the loading screens are quicker.

Almost all my games are now on my new machine. Quieter is all I can say. Bad games lock up still, good ones never did. I lay my machine down, never stand the disc drive on end. I did have one disc get eaten on my brand new machine. It must have loaded crooked or something.

5 games and DLC's completely loaded on HDD. Fallout hasn't crashed since but NV did twice even after being loaded.

I have most of my games installed to the HD, but even with Fallout NV installed it still freezes up every once in a while, doesn't really play much of a effect on me but tends to get annoying

fallout NV?

never heard of it.

On HD and still locks, and every now & then refuses to load save games.

But I'm addicted...

Definitely install it, it's more efficient.

installing will decrease load times and crashing, at least it does for New Vegas

yes it makes overall loading faster.

Loads faster for me, I mean a lot faster.