Who else is going to E3

so my friend's dad from school is one of the creators of this new game I can't tell what it is now but you'll see soon enough. anyways he got my friend and me a ticket to e3!! i'm so excited heading to la tonight. i'm most excited about nintendo conference probably going to blow us away again this year like they do every year and i'm curious about mircosoft but itll probably be some gears of war pet kinect game. I don't even know what they do there anymore. Major Nelson should come up with new ideas for xbox instead flirting with girls on his podcast the whole time. I'll give you guys all updates of my trip there hopefully i hook up with plenty of booth babes maybe meet some gaming celebs like peeps from the mlg realy excited

what are you looking forward to??


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MS stole the idea of the Gears of War pet Kinect game from Nintendo, moron.

Next year for me hopefully...

I started reading the first couple of lines and thought this was going to end up to be a very good read such a shame. I'm looking forward to what is in my sig and hopefully some new ips for the 360.

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I wish I could of gone. I have no connects though :(

I might be going but if you guys are going. I will be avoiding you guys like the plague. Also Blizzcon> e3

I think that Nintendo/sony boy need a GF.