Who designed these broken missions???

I have been trying to give a pass on some of the issues I have been running into, but cant believe how broken the missions we tried to play tonight were.  Me and a friend wanted to play a bunch of missions tonight........we spent all night on three broken missions and finally got so mad we quit.  The first was Lesters "high priority case" but we couldnt find a helicopter, so we just started the mission expecting to get one then.  We figured a mission saying you should use a helicopter would give us one.  Well, we spent an hour driving to every airport, heliport, hospital, and police station and found no aircraft at all.  What idiot designs a mission that wants you to use a helicopter, but doesnt guarrantee they will spawn.  The nonhelicopter way up the building is a huge ladder withno cover and guys picking you off.  We gave up.

Next was Martins "Death from above" yep, need a helicopter or plane, but none avaiable.45 minutes of looking and quit after we tried the on foot approach and died.

Next was Lesters "Last chopper out of LS" urg.....well at least this one you steal a helicopter so it must be there.  After a  couple fails, I finally stole the helicopter and landed it at the marker.  Then we had to kill some more bad guys, but had one red dot left that it required us to kill.  But the last red dot was off in the middle of the city no where near the mission origin or destination.  We drove over there searching for the guy but the red dot was on top of maze tower and we realized the helicopter that usually chased us didnt show. It was stuck on top of the tower.  We drive back to the destination to get the helicopter and it is gone.  Of course there is no helicopter anywhere onthe map.  Didntmatter anyway, couldnt shoot from the helicopter anyway due to another glitch.

So 3 hours, 3 broken missions and a lot of aggravation.  So, Rockstar, I used to think you were cool, but for all your talent in building this world, no one in your business is smart enough to see such obvious common sense things in missions.

PS, for people like me that are trying to play the game right by robbing stores, playing missions once, getting stuck with low value gang attack crates, and looking for armored trucks that I never find, but I cant get ahead.  Now people that find loopholes, farm 1 lap races that they take turns winning, and such are level 100s with tons of money.

Need to ask my doctor if he can prescribe me some pills if I am going to continue to play this rediculously broken game.  I apologize to all for this rant.  Needed to vent my frustration over game in a form of therapy.


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lol yea some of the missons are still glitchy..


I remember once at the start of a quick mission where you had to kill some LMC guys in a cemetery, I was spawned at the back end of the golf course. My motorcycle was just on the other side of the 30 foot fence, lol. It took forever to run out of there and of course the other guy didn't have a mic and died twice just as I finally found a car.. smh

I think Rock*

I think history is going to judge GTA Online as a lot of squandered potential.

Not  disagreeing, only offering solutions for your heli issue. During "high priority" you can go to the Vespucci helipad and wait for a minute, a helicopter will land, or call merry weather on your phone, and if you are a high enough level, you can call for a pick up. Shoot the pilot when he lands and take his chopper. You can do this anytime you are in need of a chopper. It has saved me many headaches, because I had your same problem the first time and climbed that damn crane to the top, only to be shot within 3 seconds of getting there.

Thanks, yea I wish I would have know of the merryweather thing.  We waited at the heliport for a long time.  Just seems like if they suggest a helicopter, they should make one available.  Also, since single player is all about planning, I wish the bigger missions would offer more information that you can use to plan your approach.  Most missions just give a very generic objective and you have to fail the first attempt just to see what you are up against.