While We Are Talking Zombies.

Holy Cow! I just saw the trailer for the movie "World War Z", with Brad Pitt. Its a big budget zombie movie coming out (not sure when), but it was epic! BO2 zombies will be great too. Transit mode is getting me excited to play. I need to check for a linky for that trailer for World War Z. Discuss zombie lovers.


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The book was great. The trailer is nothing like the book from what I saw. Poor Hollywood, they've lost their way.

I think that movie looks awesome! But then again, I usually like Brad Pitt movies (no homo) like Interview with a Vampire, Fight Club, Meet Joe Black, 12 Monkeys, etc...

The zombies move really fast (from what I saw), kinda moving like infected people. I like these kind of movies. 28 days, I am Legend, etc....Yeah ghost, I saw someother links and it looked like the movie has been getting jerked around for a while. I wonder why I never heard of it, LOL.

Book was sooooo good.  Kind of a tough concept to portray on film.  The production of that movie has been wacked out of its skull for a few years....

two words why that movie will be a flop..................BRAD PITT..................enough said ;)

Looks kinda stupid imo.

Anyway, Im excited for BO2 zombies

[View:http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8q6kbVs2bhg]      <------check that out. Its part of the full trailer I saw on ET tonight.

I like zombies. And turtles. But mostly zombies. I actually played some yesterday and I was owning them zombies. Got all perks, and killed George by round 12. Legit. I'm so ready for BO2 zombies.