Which villains will you be fighting in this game?

I know of a few that we will be fighting:

- Two-Face: Saw the demo on Youtube and apparently he is in the game. Batman didn't fight him but I'm sure he would have been able to fight him later on.

- Penguin: I think you'll be fighting him judging from the trailer I have watched on Youtube.

- Joker: It's obvious you'll be fighting him again. I wonder how he escaped from Arkham again?

- Solomon Grundy: I have never heard of this character before. I have played DC Universe Online and I have heard about him on there once.

- Mr. Freeze: You'll be fighting him for sure. I saw one of the Youtube videos and all the screenshots and he's in there.

Can anyone else think of any other villains we'll be fighting in Arkham City?

I'm not a comic book reader so I don't know anything about the "real" history of Batman but I did like watching the movies except for Batman Forever and Batman and Robin. I also liked watching Batman: The Animated Series as a kid. My favorite Batman movie is the 89 Batman with Jack Nicholson as the Joker. I even enjoyed the Batman movie from the 60s. I have never heard of Scarecrow, Two-Face, Mr. Freeze, Poison Ivy, or Bane until I saw Batman: The Animated Series. Two-Face became my second favorite character under the number one spot which The Joker has taken. As for my third favorite villain, I'd say Mr. Freeze.

Was I the only kid that had the small Batman toy from the 80s and the Joker toy that squirted water from the flower on his chest? I've been meaning to look for that toy for a long time but I don't know which company made it. I also had Robin which I didn't care for, naturally.

Sorry for the long rant. Just wanted to be clear on how I became interested in Batman as a kid.

Wish Microsoft would do some maintenance so I can create paragraphs!


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All I know is that BANE had better be somewhere in this game or I am gonna be sooooooo PISSED and on that note I am absolutely syked that BANE will be in the new Batman movie.  Solomon Grundy is the big @@@ zombie tho not really a true Zombie hence he is strong as hell and pretty nimble when he wants to be he is in the justice league show quite a bit not sure where else I've seen him.


Poison Ivy and Mad Hatter are in the game. Mad Hatter seems to be a side mission and Poison Ivy is linked to the "Arkham City Sirens" achievement for Catwoman.

^ Highlight to reveal ^

Also, Bane will team up with Batman in a few side missions to track down Titan contraband.