Which type of Class?

Ok, so i know that it doesn't really matter which Class you choose at the beginning, but which class will be good later on?

Warrior Type can wield any Weapons

Sorcerers have good ranged attack and some funny ones for PvP, like Chameleon etc. ^^

Monks have mostly healing Miracles and some Barriers and Lightning attacks


I'm struggling between them and cannot really decide which to play ^^


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Pyromancer is probably the best to start with. It starts at level 1, has the most attribute points relevant to level (84), and starts you off with a fireball spell (which you pick up in the first area of the game). You can get some good weapons and equipment fairly early on with a couple of suicide runs aswell in the Valley of the Drakes and the Graveyard. Make sure you start with the Master Key, it's the only gift you cannot find in game (and is neccessary for accessing valley of the Drakes early for a suicide run). You'll need to level up a little to be able to use the weapons but it will be worth it in the long term in my opinion.

Ok thanks, but whats about later on in the game?

For example the Monks will learn a lot of healing spells, are they even useful inside of battles? and are their lightning spears strong enough?

You can learn healing spells, etc as any class as far as I know.

Pyro is a great supplementary skill for any build.  It's unique in that the damage doesn't scale from anything...it simply gets more powerful as you upgrade the flame like any other weapon.  So you can spend the souls getting really powerful spells, but still stay at a low enough level to get in on some coop action.

Deprived. Oh yeah.