Which Side Will You Choose?

Was getting into the Industrial Revolution and after reading up on it, found that there is a special surprise at the end!


You only need to solve the first 12 puzzles to get the in-game DLCs, but if you tough it out to the 59th, you will receive:

  • Facebook Avatar
  • Facebook Cover Photo
  • Twitter Background


But, the type you get depends on the choices you made!  Did you choose the Alliance or the Vox Populi?


I've been splitting the supplies down the middle ... so I wonder which I'll get?  Guess I'll need to make a choice by 59!


What about the rest of you players?  Which side did you choose?


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I've been siding with the Founders more times than not, but I think I stopped playing at like level 30 something, it just got too boring and I don't care for any background's or avatar's.

I've been siding with the Vox Populi. I'm still not done with all the puzzles... got several more left, so I'm pretty close to finishing. Some of them just seriously stump me but if I take a break from it for a few days or a week or something and go back... it's a lot easier to figure out.

Vox Populi all the way.

Why should I serve a group who want a few to excel at the expense of many when I could serve a group who want many to excel at the expense of a few?

I only just started this yesterday afternoon, Got through the 59 puzzles over a couple of hours. I gave everything to the Vox.

^^Nice. I went with the founders myself, I'm a sucker for siding with the "bad guys"

I really couldn't decide who to give the goods, I ended up flipping a coin and Vox won lol..... Hope I did the right thing.

Where can this be found at?

I guess I'm one of the few who sided with the Alliance. I just finished all the puzzles last night. I don't care about the Facebook stuff, I just felt like completing all the puzzles. I love the whole BioShock series, I can't wait for Tuesday!

[quote user="Durva360 Gaming"]

Where can this be found at?



This game was a pre-order bonus.  You access the game via code on the promo site (https://www.finkmanufacturing.com/).


Not sure if the game will last beyond the release date.