which playlist for DLC achievements?

which playlists are best to get the following DLC achievements?

paper beats rock

don't touch that

all alone


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- "All Alone" must be done in the "Living Dead" playlist. It is the only playlist which features Infection on a Defiant map.

- "Don't Touch That" is done easiest in the "Squad DLC" playlist. But, it can also be achieved in "BTB" and "Team Objective" if everyone in the lobby has the DLC and decides to choose it.

- "Paper Beats Rock" is best done in the "Squad DLC" playlist since every map is DLC. It has to be done on a Defiant map (Condemned or Highlands). These maps also show up occasionally in the Team and Super Slayer playlists.

No, it's just that those are the only Defiant maps that show up in Squad DLC.

There are 3 Defiant maps. Condemned, Highlands, and Unearthed. However, Unearthed is a Firefight map and cannot be used to get these achievements. You'll have to keep searching in Living Dead. A while back, they changed the weighting so that Condemned showed up more often. When I was going for this achievement, I got into 5 straight Infection games on Condemned. Maybe they changed it again, I'm not sure. You'll just have to keep looking though.


are there only 2 defiant maps? condemned and highlands?  I've played living dead many times and never got these maps to show :(