Which of these games are worth it?

I saw this article on IGN, and a bunch of Games on Demand, are going on sale to 5 bucks.  I have 400 MSP (5 bucks) from Bing Rewards, so I figured I should download one of them.  I was actually considering the Sonic Tennis game because I really liked Mario Tennis on the GCN.  But I really do not know a lot about these old games, one of them can be amazing, I wouldn't know. and im not gonna download the demo for every one.  I was also considering graw, but idk if there is anyo ne online.  So any suggestions?

-Bionic Commando

-Blazing Angels: Squadrons of WII

-Bolt (most likely not)

-Bomberman- Act Zero

-Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs (again, most likely no)


-Dark Void


-Kameo: Elements of Power

-Meet the Robinsons  (no thanks)

-Open Season (once again, no thanks)

-Perfect Dark Zero (I really do not want another FPS, unless this is amazing)

-Prince of Persia

-Rockstar Games Presents Table Tennis

-SEGA Superstars Tennis (Yes?)

-Surf's up (no)

-Tom Clancy's GRAW (if there is nobody online, probably not)

-Tornado Outbreak

-Virtua Tennis 2009

-Viva Pinata Party Animals (no)


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Rockstar Table Tennis, for obvious reasons.

yeah GRAW is pretty good on single player. i tried playing multiplayer the other day and there wasn't really anyone on the game so the online community on that game can be pretty low but the single player is definitely worth it

[quote user="Domuhnic"]

Rockstar Table Tennis, for obvious reasons.


This game gets boring really fast.

IMO, Blazing Angel is a pretty decent game.

I played some Sega Tennis in the arcade a few years back,  It was pretty solid then and probably is still a good bet.

Bomberman is probably #2 for me off the list.

And I don't know about Blazing angels but flying is always fun.

They're all supposed to be like 5$ on Tues except Conan and Prince of Persia are 4$:  http://majornelson.com/

I am gonna try out a bunch of demos after all... is there a large online community in Perfect Dark?

Honestly? None of these games are worth it, even at 400 points. You can find any them for under $5 in disc format, where they won't eat up preciously limited HDD space on the 360...

"Prince of Persia" is a fun & challenging game..

"Bomberman - Act Zero", is a good multiplayer game, but i'm not sure, how many people play Act Zero..

(I've got Bomberman Live)

"Tom Clancy's GRAW 1 (2006) & 2 (2007)" are both great games & you still might find people playing it online, even though Future Soldier is out..

(Heaps of people, play CoD4 or Black Ops, when MW3 is the new game etc..)

Prince of Persia was a great game. All the others can GTFO

wow I read his blog the hatred by their customers is refreshing, I am Glad others are taking notice the PSN+ is better then xbox gold now.


I only hope MS starts giving us free games as well. I would love to get castle crashers free. its one of the few good games i never got. its old too so why is it still so much.

-Bionic Commando, Its crap

-Blazing Angels: Squadrons of WII, Good fun if you like Dog Fights (Planes not real dogs)

-Bomberman- Act Zero, Bomberman has always been a favorite

-Conan, Good fun for a static camera game

-Dark Void, God no

-Kameo: Elements of Power, Awesome fun, worth it

-Perfect Dark Zero, Fun, Not amazing

-Prince of Persia, Hell no

-SEGA Superstars Tennis, If your into that kinda thing im sure its good fun.

-Tom Clancy's GRAW, Everyone is playing GRAW2 and Future Soldier so no

-Virtua Tennis 2009, Another tennis game, you like these

All in all only a few worth getting but thats my opinion :)

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