Which New Game, Old Game & HD Remastered Should I Get!

On the new game category is: Battlefield 3 or The Elder Scrolls V Skyrim


On the old game category is: Red Dead Redemption GOTY Edition or The Elder Scrolls IV Oblivion GOTY Edition


On the HD remastered category is: Halo Combat Evolved Anniversary Edition or Metal Gear Solid HD Collection


I'd never had this many games to think of which should I get, I need honest answers here! >.<


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Skyrim (Like I said before, more bang for you buck)

RDR (You won't need Oblivion if you have Skyrim)

I'd go with MGS (Halo is just, well, Halo. Nothing special.)

Skyrim because it will be something new

RDR & Elder scrolls because ES would be dirt cheap so why not?

Halo because it's the original! and I've never played MGS so wouldn't want to comment.




DEFINTELY get Red Dead Redemption, I completed it the other day, and I regret being such a girl about should I get it or shouldn't i for the last 18 months, its one of the finest  games I've played, its addictive, I'm not koing, I've lost 9lbs in the last month and abit because I was on it all the time, no time for eating lol


Skyrim, Red Dead GOTY + Metal Gear Solid HD.

Modern Warfare 3 and Halo CE Anniversary

skyrim, RDR, halo.


RDR goty

MGS hd collection

The best games from your list, imo.

[quote user="Assassinator010"]HALO CE

[/quote]Haha! Yes, because it's all 3 in one package.