Which map pack is better?

I was interested in getting one of the map packs, but not sure which one to get. So, I want you opinion on which map pack is the better buy based on forge editability and gameplay in matchmaking.


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Neither cause neither show up in normal rotation.

A family member's stolen credit card says 'Both sound good to me' .

@ChanSmokingBob Lol. But as to your question, the Defiant Map Pack is VERY good. Highlands is very fun and well done art-wise. Condemned is also very good and a fun map to play on. Unearthed is my second favorite Firefight map to play on and is a blast with some buddies. (Make sure you have more than a 4GB hard drive or you won't be able to play Firefight online!)

Unearthed is ok but it has a horrible bug which causes it to not load when put on a USB stick (if anyone is having this issue just transfer the map pack it to the HDD).

On bugs alone that puts the other map pack above it.

I think Defiant is better than Noble, but I'm planning to get both someday.

The first one is much better, which is saying something consiering they both suck.


I love Unearthed, I think that's a great Firefight map.


I haven't bought the Noble map pack or played anything else from the Defiant one, however.

Noble. Breakpoint is an AMAZING MAP. It alone is worth the 10$ for me. (Seriously, It's the only reason I still play Halo:Reach, I Put up with playing the inferior awful Defiant Maps occasionally just for a chance to play Breakpoint)


Tempest Is ok and Anchor 9 I great.


Now, on Defiant. Maybe I'm an ungrateful brat, seeing as I got Defiant for free. However, The maps just suck, highlands isn't fun. It's just shotgun/power weapon spamming. Commdemed is boring again, for me, a bad map. Anchor 9 is MUCH better. Unearthed is probably the best Firefight map, but I'm not a firefight player.


I actually DELETED Defiant off my hard drive at one point, I only redownloaded it because the Noble Map pack playlist  was removed and you needed Defiant to find play the Noble Map Packs  in the Defiant and Premium playlist.

Yeah, Breakpoint IS the best map out of the 5 new multi-player ones. Unearthed to be honest isn't that great, its really flat and open with a random scatter of buildings. Highlands and Condemned are both decent, I like Highlands the second best but it doesn't stack up to Breakpoint, even though it is very visually appealing. Bungie really slacked off on Anchor 9, they could of put soo much more detail in it. Tempest is like a mini Valhalla, its ok.

Breakpoint - 5/5

Anchor 9 - 2/5

Tempest - 3.5/5

Unearthed - 3/5

Highlands - 4/5

Condemned - 3/5