Which Map Pack do you like?

I think the best Map Pack will be the Castle Map Pack, since that will be the last Map Pack. Also I hope they make more during the near future.


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Why does it have to be the best just because it came out last?

I've only played one game per Castle map so far, and although I instantly hated what I played of Outcast, the other two maps Perdition & Daybreak seemed like great fun.

I won't know definitively what my favourite map pack is for some time, so for now, it's still Majestic.

And, seeing as 343 have already exhausted the contents of the season pass in little over 5 months, it's likely that we'll see more paid DLC in the future. 

I agree with iAshHD about the Season Pass. I mean, what more can they really do with it? We're definitely going to see more paid Downloadable Content in the near future, I think....keyword: PAID.

Although I have to disagree about the map pack, haha. The Castle Map pack is pretty awesome. It reminds me of Halo Reach's very last map pack. Each map is sort of BTB, with a good mix of close quarters. I like it.

Castle is definitely the best one yet imo

Majestic > Castle > Crimson

Castle and Majestic have been my favorite map packs.  Castle is my all time favorite because its basically BTB with objectives on large maps.  So far it has reminded me the most of the epic BTB moments I had from Halo 3. The Majectic map pack has very well designed smaller maps.  Very beautiful and detailed too.

Castle is great and what brought me back into Halo 4.

Castle is indeed a lot of fun. I played quite a few games last night.  Large maps, vehicles, and objectives.  Good times.