Which is the best and worst game in the series?

What's your opinion? :)


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That's tough but if I had to rank them it would go like this. (I have not played RE6 or Revelations yet)

1. Resident Evil 1 (GC Remake)

2. Resident Evil 2

3. Resident Evil 4

4. Resident Evil CV

5. Resident Evil 0

6. Resident Evil 3

7. Resident Evil 5

RE5 was not a bad game by any means, but it didn't feel like a RE game at all. I hate the fact that 5 was basically a 3rd person shooter. Having a coop friend/AI also took away from the survival horror feeling of it. RE4 was a nice blend of horror and action and I liked that one a lot and consider it a very innovative game in general. However, I miss the old school camera angles...

I really enjoyed the first 2 games. Felt like survival more than anything, not fear of the enemies but the fact that I didn't have enough decent guns or ammo to take them on.


Number 4 I'm playing again and it's still great. I Find that I'm just about scraping past sections on minimal ammo and health.

I lost my save file on the xbox version but I'm looking to unlock Mercenaries again because I didn't get to unlock all the characters last time on PS2 :)


Not played Code Veronica but tempted... Very tempted.


Not played 0 but heard it's awesome.


3 I never got into that much for some reason. I hear that there is the first creation of Mercenaries on it which is slightly different but I'm still tempted to check it out.


Number 5 I'll admit that all my love goes into everything that isn't related to the main game. The extra content and DLC are the only things I really go back to now but I may give the main campaign another bash at some point :)


Looking forwards to Revelations.

Yeah I just played through 4 myself and it has grown on me for sure. When it first came out I practically outlawed it because of the over the shoulder view and no zombies... once you get past that though it's a great RE game. I highly recommend you try out CV if you like RE 1 and 2. I haven't played CV since it was first released (plan on buying HD version soon) but I remember it being really good. RE0 was cool too but like CV I haven't played that one since it came out so my memory of it is minimal. I do remember in RE0 you had an AI helper with you the entire game much like RE5, but unlike RE5 it didn't effect difficulty or the survival horror aspect of it at all...

2 & 4 are my favorites. 5 wasn't bad, I had a lot of fun with it co-op wise. 6 and Code Veronica are my least favorite.

I gotta agree with the rankings above- I actually missed out on Code Veronica and 4, back when they were originally released (even on multi consoles)- But I have corrected that error and enjoy both! I haven't done any of the bonus content yet though.

One day.

2 is the best. 6 is now the worst. Was 5. Before that it was 4.

original RE and RE 5 with all dlc's are the best RE games ,RE 5 on-line is great fun...