Which is better?

I'm looking for some opinion, which game do you think is better Fallout 3 or Fallout: New Vegas.


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They're both definitely worth the time/money/effort but pushed I'd say Fallout 3. I felt I cared more about the characters in the Capital Wasteland. However New Vegas has more replay value, albeit forced replays.

likewise. of the 2 i prefer Fallout3. Fallout NV is a great game - but i just don't think it's as great, or as enjoyable, or as deep as Fallout3.

i had both. stupidly i sold Fallout3 - and kept FNV. but i'm now in the process of buying F3 GOTY (which comes with all 5 of the DLC's) - when it turns up i'll sell FNV.

I agree with the others on this one.  I do like Fallout: New Vegas, but I had more of an attachment to the environment and characters in Fallout 3. And it had my beloved dart gun. Oh, how I miss it.

And what better time to jump back into the Capital Wasteland than now? What with this weeks Deal of the Week being the first three of the five DLCs for this at half price...oh wait...Marketplace just went the way of Megaton...

And one more vote for FO3.  New Vegas is good and definitely worth getting, but it feels like the developers spent a lot of time fixing things that weren't really problems in FO3 (you could get around having a low speech/barter, there are a small number of weapons that are clearly superior in FO3, the ability to load up on perks and make your character into an untouchable god of the wasteland, etc.) when they should have been spending more time on trying to create a world and characters that you care about.  NV is fun, I just don't get as attached (to the world, to npcs, to my own character).

[quote user="jaydukes"]

my beloved dart gun. Oh, how I miss it.


     Hells yea, i feel the same way about my nuka grenades.FO3 is a way better game, 2000 plus hours into it and i still play. People say New Vegas is the same size but i disagree. Anyone with half a brain can see all the empty space that you can't even get to on the Vegas map. I probably spent 400 hours in the subway system and underground in FO3. I spent about 2 hours underground in New Vegas and it was empty for the most part. People will tell you that the underground in Vegas is the same size as FO3, that's just not true, clearly.

     FO3 has a better story, more loot, better dlc, is a larger game and lets you continue after you complete the main quest line if you have Broken Steel. There is a laundry list of good things i could say about FO3, the only thing i really liked about New Vegas was the weapon mods. FO3 Game of the Year hands down the way to go OP.


fallout 3 for sure well over 150 hrs b4 finishing first game before the add ons,new vegas has its moments.

Seems like everyone is in agreement here lol. FO 3 was a much better and more interesting game imo, although I do like NV as well. Can't seem to sit down and finish NV though for some reason, whereas Fallout 3 had me locked in from start to finish.

Plus one for Fallout 3.

I never played FONV. I know I'll get it after they smooth out the bugs. Before than, I'll continue my goody do gooder way in the capital wasteland XD

Both are good games to play. Lots to do in both. Even after completing all the quests in Vanilla (20 levels and closed end )  You could still create Your own challenges to the game via combat and difficulty. New Vegas was more polished as a basic game, but suffered many more bugs and glitches then Fallout 3 and some that were in F.O 3 have actually migrated to NV. Still think Bethesda could breath new life into Fallout 3, but think They have moved on to other games like Sky rim, etc.

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