Which is better?

So basically, I have a 3 month that I can only use on one of my 2 silver accounts. Should I use it on Barabas or J6B? Which gamertag would my fellow gamers prefer strictly on the gamertag name and nothing else? Just looking for opinions. Thanks


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honest ? ..

neither ... i'd say make another called "qu1ty0j1bberjabber" .... probably too long though haha

but in all seriousness barabas sounds alright .. but why ask ?

4 characters 2 long lol. I think u should change ur name 2 black thundurr, no offense but the gts that u picked were pretty lame/stupid.....

or ... 1hav3t3hp0waa

Which GT do YOU prefer, is what really matters! 

J6B. I always thought the really short GT's were cool. Or the really long ones like mine.

J6B makes me think of Justin Bieber :L

I'm just asking for opinions because I really do not have any preference. Barabas is my last name. JB is my nickname. So it doesn't really matter to me. Both mean something to me and I would use both of them but that is not the case. So just wondering what people on these forums would go for in my situation.