Which is a better story path for Bethany/Carver? *SPOILERS*

I'm trying to decide which path to follow now that i'm almost done with Act 1. Can't decide which is better story wise, if taking them with me to the deep roads so they'll become a gray warden or leaving them behind so they become a mage or templar.


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I usually let Bethany become a Circle Mage because she seems to like that better.  I don't really care about Carver (I know that sounds cold :P ) so I let him be a Templar and don't bother taking him to the Deep Roads. Though I think that it's worth seeing all the outcomes so try them all if you want and pick what you like best.

The Chantry isn't the one treating the elves bad, it's human in general.  

It depend, I'd rather have Bethany be a Warden than Carver.   I usually let Carver become a Templar.  

I chose the the Grey Wardens.  I hate the hypocrisy of the Chantry and how they treated the elves.