Which guns are best?

I am on chapter 6 and have the regular plasma welder (sorry don't know the actual names), the **** rifle, the ripper blade, and the lance i think it is called, but it looks like a bigger version of the plasma welder. I didn't know what guns you choose during the game, and which ones have more a kick now that the game is getting harder?


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First I want to say you're the man for playing the first game first.  So many people bought the second game first because it's what's hot.  Despite what some people say the story is important.  Shame on all of those who started with the 2nd game. 



The weapons you mentioned are called the Plasma Cutter, Pulse Rifle, Ripper, and Line Gun, respectively. 



It all comes down to personal preference.  But, you should always carry the Plasma Cutter.  The ammo is cheap and plentiful, and it's pretty strong when fully upgraded.  It's a great all purpose weapon.  The Pulse Rifle is great for fast moving things small or large.  Besides those any will do, but I prefer two which you didn't mention.  Weapon spoilers will follow so stop reading now if you don't want to know.  When you discover the Force Gun, keep that forever.  That's your best friend.  It's essentially a shotgun.  You don't even have to aim.  Just shoot in the general direction of the enemy.  It's great for things that come out of nowhere or things that are coming at you fast.  The secondary function is essentially a grenade.  The last gun I always kept with me is the Contact Beam.  It's does a great deal of damage.  You can also keep it for collecting the ammo and selling it for a good price.  I personally hate the Ripper, and the Line Gun is a bigger version of the Plasma Cutter.  So to recap my favorite layout was always the Plasma Cutter, Pulse Rifle, Force Gun, and Contact Beam.



Keep in mind that most of guns you get aren't that strong until you upgrade them.  They're all pretty effective when they're upgraded.  When you beat the game, you can start a new game and start with the equipment you had when you finished the game.  It's a good way to get achievements, if that's your thing.  When you beat a game, it will ask you to save.  Whatever you do, DO NOT overwrite this save or delete it. You load that "Cleared Game" save to do as I said above.



Feel free to post as many questions as you can think of.  I think I'm the only person who checks this forum often lol.

Im gonna  sell the ripper for maybe the force gun or the contact beam. That's the one you have to charge before using right ? Im really carefuland always look behind me whenever i am being attacked so IDK about the force gun. Are there gonna be a lot of big enemies where the contact beam will be useful towards them? But Im gonna switch things up a bit anyway.

I couldn't jump into the second game without playing the first one. The story to me is a big point and is why i bought the game other than the horror aspect.

There aren't really any big enemies that you need the contact beam for.  It does help with the last boss, but the Plasma Cutter fully upgraded makes short work of most things.  You really should try the Force Gun.  It's the best gun in both Dead Space 1, and Dead Space 2.  It got me through Impossible, Zealot, and Hardcore with relatively no problems.  

If I were you I would upgrade two weapons, maybe the PC and the FG.  If you haven't already upgraded your health and stasis, it makes the game much easier.  

I will give the force gun a try tomorrow.

Thanks Thookins, I've ignored the Force gun due to it's description...I'm gonna give it a try tonight. I have to say though that the line gun is really handy for the oncomming threat. If you keep it upgraded, one shot to the legs of a sprinting enemy will drop it to the ground and then you can pick off another limb with the PC....that's been my tactic so far, but I'm definitely going to bring the force gun with me into chapter 11.

The force gun was my favorite in this game and the second one as well. Even though it's range is far less than the other guns, once fully upgraded it's a beast when you got to get up close and personal with some annoying necros lol. I bought the steam punk force gun and I used that and the plasma cutter on my impossible playthrough.

The Plasma Cutter is all you really need in my opinion. BUT if you really wanted to epically OWN enemies, some fun weapons are the Force Gun and Flamethrower. But I mean really... who uses anything other than the plasma cutter to beat the game?

[quote user="LoyalHearts"]

 But I mean really... who uses anything other than the plasma cutter to beat the game?

[/quote]I only used the Plasma Cutter when I had to hit something far away or when I need some pinpoint accuracy.  The Force Gun is the best gun imo in both DS1, and DS2.  It made Impossible, Zealot, and Hard Core super easy.  Made getting 1000/1000 and 1250/1250 not too hard.  Plus the secondary fire is different in both games, and cool in both games.  Personally I got tired of using the Plasma Cutter.  Just got bored with it.  I like the Force Gun because if anything jumps out at you or gets too close, just fire once (with or without aiming) and they're dead or far away and almost dead.