Which gametype do you despise and WHY?

I haven't played them all yet but there is one mode I despise. It's Alpha Zombies. The reason I hate this mode is because of the people who camp in the stupidest places so you have no way of getting to them. Boardwalk is the worst for this!


The modes I do like are:


- Slayer and Headhunter (These are my top 2 game types of choice on Rumble Pit)

- CTF (I love this mode on Big Team Battle)

- King of the Hill

- Team Classic

- Oddball

- Neutron Bomb? (Is that what it's called? Well, anything where you deliver bombs to your opponent's base.)

- Firefight Arcade and Firefight Limited

- Rocket Hog Race (Love this one. Especially on Mutl-Team)


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I cannot stand "To The Death!", which currently exists in the Action Sack playlist. Its just boring and stale and I hope my request the Jeremiah (Playlist Overlord) at Bungie has some impact on his decision for that gametype.

Elite Slayer... I am pretty terrible with the majority of their weapons and I hate that I can't sprint. The only way I find that I ever really do decent is if I drive a vehicle.

I don't like Skirmiggedon. It's self-explainitory.

Dino Blasters. Its the worst to ever exist in all the halo games. I feel as if the requirement to play this is an IQ below 80 because the game is so mindless and has no point. Boom you get thrown into it and are forced to play it, its stupidly simple its so irritating you can win and not even freaking have hands!!

Yeah, I liked Elite Slayer until the weapons were swapped and removed a grenade.  It still throws me off each time I play.

Back when the game was released, SWAT in BTB. Awful, awful gametype.

i don't like invasion... its always the same thing.. BORING

I hate neutral bomb on every level. The first 30 seconds are a complete disaster since everyone and their dogs rushes the bomb...then everyone dies... and everyone realizes it will be impossible to pick the bomb up and arm it so it turns into Team Slayer.

SWAT and Skirmiggedon.

I hate SWAT because my shots never seem to count even if they were direct hits, I once shot a guy 10 times (Yes, in the head) and he didn't die. And for Skirmiggedon; One game, and I got so infuriated.

What is Skirmiggedon exactly? It seems a lot of players hate it. I haven't played that mode yet.

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