Which edition should I buy?

I played the first one campaign only and loved it. Didn't really "get" the online play. However I got bf3 and a friend walked me through the online play and I adore it now! So I was thinking about picking up bfbc2 and had some questions. Should I just pick it up used or maybe on the dashboard, or is the Ultimate edition worth the added 20+ bucks? I already have bf1943 and from what I can see it only has 15 worth of added dlc on it. My other question, is there anyone still playing this? Judging by the forums it's pretty dead? But I'd happily get it for the single player alone I just need to know which one to purchase. Thanks in advance.

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you can check how many players here http://bfbcs.com/stats_360/ as for which edition don't buy the ultimate the code has expired now for you to get the extra's ,i would just buy the normal edition but try and buy new otherwise you will have to buy the online pass for 800 points ,also if you buy it from the marketplace i think you also have to buy the online pass extra i may be wrong though hope that helps

Thank you for your comment! As I was trying to figure out what version to buy and where to buy it EA had a sale on the dashboard. I bought it for 15 bucks before I read you comment about the online code. After a hour dealing with customer service from both ea and Ms I was givin codes for all the content from EA. EA told me I was getting the ViP code because I payed for it and it was rightfully mine, and Viatnam and onslaught because he level of service I had received from the previous 3 CSR's was nightmarish. In the game marketplace it does specify that it has multiplayer, which means they can not legally force you t pay for it other then for paying for the live service. So anyway, got the whole deal today for 15 bucks and a hour of my time. Though I would have rather got my hour back and got what I paid for and nothing else.