Which do you like to play?

So after playing Fable 2 and Fable 3 (twice for each) I am finding that i am liking Fable 2 more just because of all the customizing you can do and the legendary weapons are cool in fable 2. I don't know i just feel that Fable 2 has a lot more things going for it then Fable 3. At first i liked how Fable 3 had no Menus but then when i go back to Fable 2 and play it for like hours i really like having the menus. To be honest i also like how the magic is set up in Fable 2 also, yeah spicing two spells in fable 3 is cool but i really like being able to raise dead then slow time then go to max Shock and destroy. It was also weird how with every fable game if you use will power a lot you get these will marks on you i always liked that because it made me glow but with fable 3 that doesn't happen. Now there are things that i didn't like about Fable 2 (I think everyone has played fable 2 already but just be warned a little spoiler) is at the very end when you take the power away from Lucien all you do is shoot him and bam that was the boss fight, i was a little disappointed with that. Also the pure and corrupt got annoying especially when buying shops and putting prices in the plus percentage. Also with fable 2 at the end you can choose to bring back you loved ones, is there a quest in the DLC that you find you sister? I really want to know what she looks like now.

Now if they make a Fable 4 which im sure they are I hope they bring back the menus and more of that customization we love about fable and just take everything good from Fable 2 and 3 and improve it and make us love it. Oh also even though i cant remember it well because it was a long time since i played Fable 1 (probably since it came out) i hear that the story from Fable 1 was great and that Fable 2 or 3 hasn't beaten it yet in story so i really hope Lionhead Studios is really putting there all into Fable 4.

So those are my thoughts about Fable and which one i like to play most even if im upset they the DLC for Fable 2 has not lowered.

Like the Topic which do you like to play? Well out of Fable 2 and 3 since most will probably say 1.  Also list why you like to play that one more and not the other one.


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Fable 2 for the mini games.

Okay cool anymore cmon i know there are more people who like one or the other, or maybe you like them both the same cool this is a place to just say way you like it and what you want to see for fable 4.

Guess no on likes Fable?

Loved Fable 3 but never played the second one, worth getting or is it just more of the same??

Get Fable 2 man you will love it. There is more to do in Fable 2. Yeah it is a 2008 game but it got game of the year and Platinum hits. Oh if you do get Fable 2 try and get the Game of the year one as it comes with the DLC which are really good. What made me mad about FABLE 3 is that okay you can continue on with quests as a king but you have to buy the DLC for it that made me mad. So i bought DLC that i heard are really good for Fable 2 and was no lie they are. You start out as a child in Fable 2 but it only last for maybe 30-40 min.

I like Fable 2 more than 3.  I never wanted to play Fable 1.

Whilst Fable 3 isn't a bad game. Fable 2 is much more fun to play, more to do as well. The only things I'd say 3 has over 2 is, that it looks better and co-op is much improved.

I like them all, but to me fable 2 was the best. Something about fable 3 didn't make me love the story or game play as much. Fable was really good, just way too buggy. But fable 3 was like that until the patch.  

Cool nice to see people reply. When i go from Fable 2 to Fable 3 it feels weird because to me gameplay in Fable 2 is so much better and to be honest im not sure i like the whole weapon thing about Fable 3 were you have to do things to improve it because there are some i don't want to do because im good. I also wish Fable 3 had the money thing that Fable 2 has where even when you are not playing you still earn money. I have 6m in Fable 2 and only 1m in Fable 3. I do hope with Fable 4 that they bring back the fable 2 ways and improve on a lot like maybe letting you choose the face of you hero, and a great story again like Fable 1 and an awesome boss battle like Fable 3 not like Fable 2.

I like them both equally but for different reasons. Loved 2 for the story and 3 for the gameplay. Would like a return of the menu system if they do a Fable 4, though. And possibly a less random storyline than 3's? >_> Less glitches would be nice, too.