Which DLC??

I was wondering what DLC I should get, I have Dead Money, but I was wondering if I should get Honest Hearts & Old World Blues, or replace one of those choices with Lonesome Road. What r ur people's thoughts


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I can only suggest doing them in the order they came out.

Lonesome Road isn't out yet.

I know just i was wondering if any1 thought I should get that 1 than the others Im just looking 4 opinions on this

I loved Old world blues. but then again I love old movies so it was right up my alley. You can respec and change your looks in OWB. The cyborg body parts you get give pretty sick bonuses. The base you get is also very sweet. You can also get a very deadly silent sniper. Downside I hear from most players is they claim OWB can be kinda hard.


Honest Heart has alot of great guns. The survivalist's rifle is my personal weapon from now on. You can get Colt 1911's and a Tommy gun. The only real downside to Honest Hearts is the 2nd follower you get. She never shuts up. She only has a few lines so she just says them over and over as you travel.


Side note: The burned man is proably the coolest Mormon ever in a video game lol. He was going to be in the original Fallout 3 (Van Buren) that New Vegas is some what based on. Even without Honest Hearts you will hear wispers of fear from Caesar's Legion about him. If you click the first link it's a video I made of OWB's intro,

From wat I've read n been hearing I think I'ma get Honest Hearts & Old World Blues

Personally? If you're only planning on getting two more? I'd get Old World Blues + Lonesome Road.

Honest Hearts had nothing to do with Ulysses, or anything with Dead Money. If you got those two, and didn't pick up Honest Hearts, you'd understand the complete story like every other person who has all the DLC's.

This is totally imo, thought. ;)

As you have Dead Money, I would get, OWB and then Lonesome road when it comes out, depending on your level and character build, try OWB first, it's demanding but enjoyable, and the main story quests don't take that long to complete, you could then go back at your leisure and finish the fetch sidequests, then do Dead Money, I know the purists say do them in the order they came out, And to an extent I agree,  it just felt as though in OWB you went backwards in the story, in DM you spoke to Elijah, you had a bomb collar on and you found Christine, in OWB, you find holotapes, weapons and other references about the time when Christine and Elijah were in the Big MT,  you find the Auto doc proto type,  you find Bomb Collars and lots of computer references about the Sierra Madre, I did a playthrough, starting with HH, OWB, and finished with Dead Money, and I enjoyed it better than playing them in order of release,   lol

I'm planning on get the last 3 that I need but I can only get 2 for now ,I was just wondering if people thought one of 'em wasn't that great n thought I should go with lonesome road before something else.

My highest level character is like 28 - 30 i dont quite remember...

Since you have DM, then OWB and LR would probably be the way I'd go because of the tie in. HH ties in with the main story via the 'Burned Man'....

I like them all equally btw...

I was surprised at how long OWB is. I've beaten Dead Money & Honest Hearts & did so in roughly 2 days for each. OWB is longer, it feels more like it's own game then an expansion on FNV. I started it at level 26 & am going on 32, so if you're trying to do everything get ready to be there for a relatively long haul.

On the first time it always takes longer as you don't know what to expect, do it a second or 3rd time, you cut the time right down  as you know where everywhere is,  on the sink fetch quest, don't do it in the order the sink sends you, just go and visit  all locations, and collect the sink stuff from them, and then use fast travel, to get the ones you missed, the Skillbook discs got me, I only found 5 first time I played it through, now I get them all and the extra Science book,