Which DLC to buy first?

 So I am about 35 hours into the game and was thinking of getting some DLC here soon. But I just dont know which one to pick. Any thoughts and suggestions would be great


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I would do them in order. Unlike most people, I really enjoyed dead money.

I haven't tried Old World Blues yet but have finished the other 2.  So far the DLCs have struck me as geared for higher level characters, Dead Money in fact blatantly suggests you not be under a certain level before going in.  I liked Honest Hearts & could definitely see myself giving it another go.  Dead Money is more of a survival-horror feel,  a Fallout Resident Evil if you will.   That's what I think turned people off to it since it didn't feel like a good fit, it's like wearing sneakers all your life & then suddenly wearing $200+ shoes.  


The good thing about DM is that if you're at the right levels & have the skills for doing it & are short on funds then you should try it out.  It's fairly short & the rewards get you many caps if you can find a way to lug all the stuff from Siera Madre back to the main game (you can't go back once you finish Dead Money, so make sure what you can & can't carry out).  The Holo Rifle from DM was really powerful, when I went back to the main game & fully repaired & modded it I was taking out Deathclaws in 2 or 3 hits. 


Get all of them since each one raises your level cap by 5;  but since your post was about which to get first I'd say Honest Hearts for now since it links with the main story more.

have just done the Dlc's again, but in a different order to what they were released,  started off with Honest Hearts, then did OWB, and finally Dead Money,  the link between OWB and Dead Money made playing them in this order better, as in OWB there's the scientists, and some Items and Holotapes, telling the story of Elijah and Christine, and when you get into DM, you actually speak to them, and learn more about their history, I just found it worked well, as for leaving with as much as you can, at the gate back to the wasteland , there is a garbage can on it's side to the left, put everything in there, just remember you can escape the vault with ALL 37 gold bars, just pick everthing up in the vault before you activate the computer on the desk, after speaking to Elijah, he finally say's he's coming down, walk out of the vault and go to the forcefield on the right, you still have time to drop c4 explosives as you walk, get to the forcefield and keep trying to walk forward, when Elijah teleports in you fall out!! then save, then either blow the c4 to kill him, then just walk to the lift, or just walk to the lift, to get the 2 endings, then you appear in front of the fountain, stash your gold and stuff in the bin and go get more, all you have to do then is collect from the bin and activate the gate, you end up back in the Abandoned BoS bunker

Good to know I wasn't the only one who enjoyed DM. :)

I got 'em in the order they came out, Dead Money, Honest Hearts, and Old World Blues.

Personally, I'd probably do it in one of these two orders:

1. HH, DM, OWB

2. DM, OWB, HH

To be totally honest though, I'd probably just make sure and play OWB and DM next to each other. It really doesn't matter which one you play first when I think about it, but I'd play them together. They both have some pretty cool parts of the same story, where as Honest Hearts doesn't have anything to do with it, it's a totally different chapter. Hell, it's a totally different book.

Again, it's not a big deal, but if I wouldn't have just bought each one as they came out, I would've played them this way. ;)

I originally played them as they came out, but have a go at OWB then DM it works quite well, you find  you are following them from 1 DLC to the next, not doing DM where they talk about the Big MT, before going back in the story,  

I just did them as they came out. Dead Money was very hard for me as I went in with nearly no Melee skill. Still I had fun with it after all. Came out with a ton of great stuff and my Melee was up 45% higher. Honest Hearts is still not fully done yet as I have to try again and see if I can get the quest to start. I killed the wrong guy twice now. Fun part was that I think the second time around, I killed everything in the whole dang valley. I know where to go next time around.