Which Campaign Do You Like Better?

Gears 1 or Gears 2?

While I loved every bit of the Gears 1 campaign I am about 3/4 of the way through Gears 2 and am absolutely blown away. The level design is much better, IMO, and the game seems to "flow" better checkpoint to checkpoint. The only downside is Gears 2 doesn't dump achievements on you like Gears 1 did. Who doesn't love achievements?


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Gears 2.

The gameplay and level design felt a bit more refined.  The action was more intense.  My only gripe about the gears 2 campaign was some of those vehical sections (i.e. tank on ice).  I didn't sign up for that.  I signed up for intense gun fights.  I understand that their intent was probably to add different gameplay elements, but I didn't enjoy those parts at all.  Maybe if they were shorter, I would have.  I really just wanted to get back to the ground fighting (taking cover, flanking enemies, and blasting them away).    

Im hoping gears 3 campaign tops both of them.