Which Black Ops Map pack should I get?

I already have the First Strike Pack and I either want Escalation or Annihilation. I'm not a big Zombies fan so I don't want  Rezurrection.


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They are all good IMHO.


I'd go with Annihilation over Escalation though.

^^ Or get which ever ones his friends have, so they can be played, LOL. Lots of people I party up with do not have the DLC, so its play the original maps over and over, LOL.

I don't mind playing on the default maps to be honest. I mean we played them for how long? November, December.. till February so about 4 months with these maps, but it's the op's choice as to which map pack he gets. Seriously though, Annihilation is the way to go. " It will annihilate your gaming experience. "

^^Thats kinda my view on the whole DLC thing. ANY "new" map is gonna bring variety and more hours of fun. Its good to have the variety. Thats why I think all new DLC is good.