Whew, tough game on veteran... question...

I've been trying to finish epilogue mission (in the aircraft to rescue the VIP) on veteran difficulty. 1 minute to do all that. anyone actually finish this achievement? Not me, and I've been at it for a while.


Also, just finished up all mission in the campaign execpt for 'no fighting in the war room' on veteran difficulty. I finished 'no fighting in the war room' on hardened (and it was actually very easy to do on hardened). Does anyone have any tips for finishing this last mission on veteran?


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Hey Dot x, if you jump past the bathroom door he won't get you

Yes I've done it very similar to you DOTx. I'ts very tricky and takes ages to do but you just need to be patient :)

I got it done, but only one time.  I tried it again several times and was unsuccessful.  Here is how I did it.  When you pop out of the compartment just run past the guy in the bathroom, sometimes he will kill you other times your team mates kill him.

2) Go to the right not left where the table is.  Throw a flashbang on the way.  Shoot them all and remember your team mates will only move up if your moving, sometimes if you run forward and quickly move back your ai teammates will move forward and help clear the way.  

3) picking up a shotgun for a backup is a good idea when going to the second level.  

4) When you go into the area that is in the open right before the plane explodes and starts to tilt make sure you throw another flash bang, while they are blinded move forward and jump back and duck behind some seats.  Let your ai team mates move forward to help clear the way.  

5) The second level is tricky because you usually spent most of your time on the first level so you have to switch to the shot gun and remember flash bang, keep moving, shoot people in the way, at this point don't reload just pick up a dead ai's weapon it's quicker than reloading, flash bang in the second room don't stop moving you have a few more guys to get past, just remember once you make it to the last room where you have to take out the ai thats holding a hostage, the game slows down and gives you a little more time to finish the level.   let ai clean up the leftovers,

6) On the second level of the airplane remember, it's good to keep moving don't stop for nothing.  

7) You will probably die about 100 times but you will get it in the end.

8) If you played one game you played them all, Look I have beaten many games on vet or hardened, and one little trick I have learned is that 99% of  games have a ramdomness to them.  Even though you are playing it on vet every time you die and the game re-loads you will find that their are times where the game makes it impossible to beat a particular mission, and times where the game lightens up a little and gives you a little leeway.  So the more you play the better chance you have at beating a mission.

Hope this helps somewhat.  Please give me a review if it helps.

I've done it, It took me HOURS to do it and a lot of practice, I'll try to help with what I remember. Firstly kill the guy coming out of the toilet at the beggining then aim at the door infront, a guy should be standing. After your done killing him straight after throw a flashbang. Aim at the big door and the enemies should be coming out, while they are coming out shot at their heads. Be carefull though and make sure that one doesn't come from a side. then get on prone and take cover over the chairs. slowly move up, taking cover. then hide somewhere near and shot some more of them, until you get towards the breaching bit. Kill the ones left and move up the stairs, while your turning throw a flashbang and move down the stairs and quickly go up and kill the guys that are flashbanged. then take cover and pick up their weapons if you can. You should have 20 more secs left, throw another flashbang and kill some more and quickly run down the corridor, Be carefull in this bit. Then if you do this, you'll get the slo-mo kill. Always go for a headshot is a one shot kill and looks it looks awesome lol. Hope this helps mate and good luck!

for the war room level you need at least 2 flash grenades before getting to the check point.

enter the room and turn right and sprint to the far corner of the room,hide and throw the flashbangs towards the next corner and sprint to the exit/spawn point under the overhang.

all you need to do is wait in this area for your men to kill the remaining guys and just watch out for anyone coming in for you.

within a couple of minutes the rest of your team join you and you get a checkpoint.

i never got round to finishing the last level so your on your own with that one.

The only achievo I haven't got on vet is the epilogue, so close. As for no fighting in the war room on Vet, it took me about 50 trys until I restarted the whole mission. I actually rushed it after the last save point starting by cooking a grenade while coming down the stair's and then dumping a concussion. I found that by rushing it I was further ahead then the respawn points would allow. I don't have an answer for you for the airplane, but I do think cod4 has possibly the best single player