wheres the story?

this is the first wrestling game besides all-stars that ive played in YEARS. one of the things that looked cool to me was that in the universe mode it seemed that their would be feuds, branching storys, and decsions to make...like it said on the back to some effect that paul hayman wrote all kinds of different scenarios. dont get me wrong i love this game, but am i doing something wrong? ive played about two months worth of universe and have seen nothing yet.


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Potatoeslave are you actually playing the matches or just hittin the X and letting the computer do it, because alot of people just sim through and dont ever get any stories and thats why.  You have to play to get the branching stories, one of the easiest thing to do is start a feud, the easiest way to do this and the way Universe mode recognizes and starts ones on its own is the day after a PPV, on Raw, take whoever you want and have them interfere, or have them in a match, or use one of the premade matches the computer set up for raw, but whether you interfere in a match or play out the match the computer set up you can start the feud off of that.   Say your Orton and you fought Jericho,  on Raw, the following week, or even on superstars if Jericho has a match interfere in it, the same on Raw if he is not facing you Interfere in it, this should set up on week 3 a match between the two of you that will give you some story after the match like, if you beat him then he comes back in the ring and attacks you with a pipe or beats you down or whatever, then the feud should run til the PPV in which case Univerese should set up a match between the two of you and it end the feud unless you want to keep it going the next night on Raw.    lol  I know thats a wall of writing but thats how its set up, Universe is set up to run feuds month to month and end it at PPVs, send me a message if you got any more questions, or just post it up on here.

i played 95% of the what has been given to me, i have interferred, and set up interference. i have beat the ever living $*** out of an opponent hoping to put him on the injured list, i have seen nada

Do you have stories turned on, cause in the universe mode, were you go in to change things like your roster and stuff you can turn story stuff off and on in there.

ill have o double check on that. thanks for the help. any tips on the road dogg/billy gunn vs the road worriors(LOD) tag team match in the dx attitude era? i can never seem to hit hawk in time with the belt before the referee wakes up, because animal is on my @@@ as soon as i get the belt and my tag partnere is no where to be seen. the one time i did do it the match ended by itself automatically, not sure if theres a time limit or i injured hawk to bad

Yeah for that tag match go ahead outside and get the belt and put it closer to the ring I had that same issue, that way when you get the ref knocked down it wont take you anytime to jump outside real quick and grab it from right beside the ring,  also you can put it on easy and it will make easier to do if you dont have it on that setting already.

i tried that, only i put it in the ring and after the cutscene, or qte if you will it disappeared lol. maybe its a glitch, but ill leave it ringside and give it another go. thanks!

I tried putting it in the ring once but the referee tossed it out...brock is right, put it near the ring outside and you should be able to do it, that's how i did it.


Hey Potatoeslave have you had any better luck or have you had a chance to try yet?