Where's the push!!

I think Battlefield 3 looks way better than CoD: MW3, and every blog, forum and video interview has players saying how they can't wait to play BF3 over MW3. So why is every magazine, game shop and even XBox pushing Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3?


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One word:  'Marketing'.

most likely because some people dont actually like battlefield (SHOCKER!) graphics dont actually make the game after all but its due to that or as mentioned above marketing.

Don't worry there is plenty of marketing out there for the better game.(BF3)

There is marketing but really an old game like BF shouldnt need marketing its a great game no doubt but most people who would enjoy battlefield are already playing it i dont get why fanboys on both sides (cod and BF) for example are so damn intent on their opinion that everyone should be playing their game of choice or they are dumb most people who play cod just play it to play with friends or they enjoy high speed gameplay BF simply isnt high speed gameplay and most likely wont take much away from CoD just as people who enjoy BF like it for its slower and more tactical gameplay and CoD most likely dont actually take much from BF in terms of players or money. CoD is popular cuz people like the gameplay simple as that ofc people are getting tired of it but that happens to every single game WoW,BF,CS,Halo etc etc