Wheres my purchased and downloaded map packs gone!!!

I bought the DLC map packs when they first came out and downloaded them, then this morning when i went on there was an update so i did the update now my map packs have vanished so i repurchased them using another 1200 microsoft points and they arent there for downloading it just keeps telling me i need to buy them again and again and again can someone fix this for me now please ive just wasted $30 + on this


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Wow You should not have bought them again. What were you thinking?  Are you using Xbox Live marketplace Or the Elite In-game store?

Why did you buy them again? You should have just gone to the in game STORE and redownloaded them. Or at the very least come to here, twitter or thecallofduty forums to see what was going on. Just a side note, if you already purchased them with this account it would not allow the same account to purchase them again, it would just ask you if you wanted to download again.

i purchased them again because it says that i had never purchased them to start off with now after i bought them they are nowhere to be seen and just keeps telling me to buy them in order to download them and im using the game market place

$30 +, you are a real COD freak

that was just for today i havent added in the price i paid when they first came out so enough with the sarcasm

and paying $30 a second time round is a lot considering i shouldn't of had to purchase it again but alas i did and still have no results

Take 5 seconds and read the other COD posts about DLC before spending any more money.