Wheres my DLC?

So my xbox's laser broke (Big surprise there), so I tried playing my MUA2 game on another xbox. I had downloaded some DLC that cost me around 1000 Microsoft points, and now when I try to play my game, NONE of it is there?

What the heck? I payed good money for my DLC and want to be able to use it. You can't just go around and delete someone elses virtual property. It's no longer on the marketplace but I payed for it and deserve to have what I payed for. WHERES MY DLC? I PAYED FOR IT AND WANT IT.


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Dlc is on your hard drive or memory. Not on the disc. Transfer your hard drive to your new xbox or tranfer just the dlc. If you cant get your dlc this way then you might be out of luck because this dlc was removed from xbox live a good while back.

I can't transfer the hard drive, One is an xbox360 elite, the other is the one that came with the kinect.

Check your Download History:


You should be able to redownload the DLCs from there.

somebody can pass me the dlc characters please ?

Wheres my dlc.I was looking for the dlc for alot of times even i had to go on youtube and havent found a single thing about the new characters and you know whats unfair ps3 has the new characters but xbox 360 doesn,t.how do you get the new characters and i want to know now.

I know how you feel. If some how some way you can get your dlc back can I also get it?