wheres all the maps

ive been playing bots and played on some nice maps the best one being the country setting with the ruined castle, cant remember what it was called but loooked great so why arent they on free for all and why do i always play the same 4 or 5 maps in rotation?

some of the bots actually camp and are quite tactical and quite good even on regular

and they dont abuse you lol


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first game I played was bots, got smeared as they were shooting me through walls wit hteir GOD visoin, went right to MP where it was easier ;)

in some ways playing against bots is more fun and its not frustrating like live mp

That castle map is probably too large for ffa.  Heck, it's too large for 6 on 6.  Other than that, yeah running against bots is a great way to get to know the maps, weapons, perks, killstreaks, objective locations etc.

i only played against a few bots on the castle map and it played great, theres one or two other maps on ffa that are in the list and they are just as big as the castle map

Hmm, I don't know then, I haven't played ffa.  But if you've only played 20 or 30 games maybe you've just been unlucky..  If after 100 games or so and it still hasn't come up, then maybe you have a beef.

  They've always shorted us on maps in ffa in the beginning, and usually add some within a month or so. I dont know why, but its always been that way. They never do put all the maps in rotation for ffa, but you can count on there being more.

 Stonefront or something like that, is a pretty cool map. It comes up frequently in blitz and even though its large, if you put a fast running class on you can cover it pretty quick

has anyone had the castle map on team matches on live, the bots are great as i said very tactical and they hunt you down, more fun with bots right now, just luv the castle map..getting tired of the same 5 maps on live and invisible players..think what it is ..they have made the characters too pixelly and with the tinny graphics they just blend in so easily

Those FFA spawns though OMG!Enjoyed FFA though so far.Got a Dog,Battlehind and Juggy Maniac then a rocket strike in a CP in one game(Oh and i only came second!)