Where's Yu-Gi-Oh 5d's Decade Duels Plus??

Today is 12/12/12 yaayy...also it's the day that Yu-Gi-Oh is supposed to be coming out on XBLA as well. Larry Hyrb Tweeted 2 days ago that "Yu-Gi-Oh 5d's Decade duels Plus will be on the Xbox Live Marketplace. If anyone has some info on this let me know!!! I really want this game and missed out 2 years ago


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yeah i was wondering about this too, i havent seen anything about it on the marketplace, but i guess it is a bit complicated since it seems like they are updating the original decade duels with more cards, or something like that. i just checked the original and there is no additions or anything.

yeah dude. i was hoping it will come out today but i guess it won't after all cause my friends have yugioh and i missed out when it was on the marketplace

The Yu-Gi-Oh! wiki says - The game was mysteriously deleted from the Xbox Live Marketplace, along with 10 Booster Packs that could be purchased in-game for 160 Microsoft Points each. However, on November 21, 2012, the game was relaunched on as Yu-Gi-Oh! 5D's Decade Duels Plus, implying an update to the game. The same day, however, it was removed again, possibly due to the fact that when people purchased the game, it was the exact same game from before.