Where's the "####" is free DLC?

When we swedes had the opportunity to pre-order ff13-2 we had the privilege to something called "Nordic edition", which included some free DLC. This icluded:

1: Alternate costume for Serah and Noel
2:Unique Weapon for Noel
3: Omega

When I bought the game (for xbox360), took it home and opened it I couldn't find any codes. I called a friend who I knew had also bought it (for PS3 though) and ask him. He had got codes, but they didn't work! He eventually found out that someone had once again hacked the play station online service, this time in order to get the dlc without pre-ordering the game. The result was that the dlc was delayed several days as punishment. For some reason however this was also done to the xbox!

I was honestly unsure if I where to believe him and called the store (GAME) and asked them, in the belief that I just hadn't got the codes. They told me that on the 360 there was no codes and that the whole thing was automatic, I would just have to go into the dlc-content menu. They also told me that the dlc had indeed been delayd.

This was on the release day. A long time ago now. Today I checked the dlc menu to see if it had arrived yet. And to my surprise I find two dlc's. Wrong ones. And they cost. apparently these are the first extra dlc to arrive. So where the h-ck is the free dlc that I should have gotten by now?

Is this just me being played a fool by everyone in my vicinity, or does other people have this problem?


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Hi Zarat. I have not heard of this being the case. I'd suggest you speak to the store you bought your game from and see what they say.