where's rubber guard in CAF?

do you unlock rubber guard after a certain ground grappling rating? or is it a transition that I can't find? I started CAF as BJJ based and I have Black house as my camp. I'm saving my cred to get level 4 sparring partner, but either than that I'm stumped. I'm going to keep plugging away if I find it I'll answer my own thread, but so far I don't see it.


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I'd imagine it's linked to ground grappling rating, most likely bottom grappling

ok I figured it out, I just selected and learned a new submission from rubber guard in CAF ... now I can get the position by transitioning from open guard. this game isn't realistic btw, for example - Jake Sheild's just KO'd me standing lol

Welcome to UFC lol wait till you meet the hordes of GSP's online lmao them things knock you out from any position even super CAF's!

you unlock by buying a move that you would use in it,ie you buy elbow or armbar from salvarry, and you unlock salvarry

I missed out on the salvary :(

its not as good as in 2010, but still good

That's my view on it aswell Jim, half the time i can't even tell if im in the SAV position or not! lol

I like the Sav position with the (LB + x or y) elbows, computer is very active on getting out though, but if you rock him its pretty cool. the rubber guard i'm a big fan of in real life, I like watching eddie bravo's utube video's from 10th planet talking about various aspects of it. but a far as this game goes... it's good to create a stall and back to standup... or omaplata.