Where's My Savage Kantus Option?

After redeeming a code for the savage Kantus I cannot find it in the multiplayer locust character selection screen. I have not yet unlocked the regular Kantus for play; Does anyone know if the savage Kantus is tied to the unlocking of the regular one? Can I not use it until I unlock the normal version? Any help is, as always, appreciated. Thanks.


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Savage Kantus is not tied to the regular Kantus, I know that much for certain. But beyond that I have no idea what your problem is. It might be related to the whole reset glitch thing. Were you reverted back to level 1?

how do get a code for savage kantus?

i unlock all the characters exept savage kantus

how do i get savage kantus code

iunlock all cog and locust characters exept one locust savage kantus

I have absolutely no idea what a keygen is, and have never used one. All of my codes were obtained legitimately to the best of my knowledge. I paid for the shotty and lancer and haze skins. I won the green skins. Adam fenix and infected omen pack came with my controller. Commando Dom was from my Gamestop purchase. I bought mechanic baird from ebay and even saw the scratch off card code in an image. Griffin came from facebook. Savage kantus and savage grenadier I purchased.

I changed profiles today for the first time in who knows how long, in the dash, fired up GOW3, saw that the skins were not there, and switched back to my primary profile.  They were gone. Poof. I deleted my cache, deleted and redownloaded, and still nothing. 

My mechanic baird, caommando dom, and griffen unlocks are also gone, as are my full lancer skins and shotgun skins. This. Is. Unpleasant.

Don't trade or use keygens you find on the internet