Where's my double XP??????

I was playing last night and had the double Xp. I woke up this morning and was greeted with the new update which I downloaded and installed. Then I started playing and since the update I am no longer getting double xp. Has there been some kind of conflict or anything. Is anyone else noticed this.

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I haven't noticed a conflict. I got the 32mb update before the double xp though.

Peace, J.R.

I just got in from work ready for an evening of double XP but the only time i'm awarded double XP is for a comback medal, thats it ,  nothing for double kill , merciless etc etc

^forgot to say i got the new update, and also i've got "NEW" next to every catagory in my loadouts, but i obviously aint got any new items ??????  whats all this crap

It's for the new SMG that'll be releasing on the 29th. Once you get the gun, it'll go away as will the "new" in your barracks for its emblem.

^ cheers

Nice to Know

I am getting double Xperia on other play lists apart from demo. This is the mode I play most and since the update treyarch have ballsed it up and it's not giving double xp. Please don't pinalise us demo players.