Where's COD's Next Gen Teaser Trailer?

EA released a new trailer today for BF4. The graphics look amazing and is whats coming for the next gen consoles this holiday season.

I'm wondering what plans (if any) does Activision have to show the world what the next Call of Duty will look like on the next generation consoles?

Maybe an E3 announcement??




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that's people for you  " my thing is better than your thing "  even though both   things are equal 

If you call making $1 billion in sales in a 15 day span a sinking ship then that's like your opinion man.

[quote user="Trollin Thunder"]

Did you watch the trailer he was talking about?  The game was shown on PC but should be the graphics we expect on next gen consoles.  No word has been announced that BF4 will be next gen, but it's highly probable that it will be on next gen.


Yes I did watch the trailer. You say should be next gen, how ever it is in writing that it is for the xbox 360 to be releases on October 29, 2013

One is speculation and one is fact.

Well.. Here's to hoping the COD series starts next gen off right.

I think this ship has sunk, NO?

Yes, the trailer is run on a computer to shower on next gen graphics. OP wants to know when we will see CoD in "next gen" graphics.  He isn't asking anything about BF4 on the Xbox 360.

I've played many of the CoD's in the Xbox's generation: MW, MW2, WaW, BO. There's no chance that this will happen, but the Call of Duty franchise needs to hang its gloves. How many times does Activision think it can release a CoD and get a good response from the market? Again, this is just an opinion, but the franchise should quit while it's ahead. Millions of dollars have been made, and maybe millions of dollars will continue to be made in the future, but they might also end up losing money. At some point, mature players will drift away, and the only people buying these games will be parents who purchase them for their kids. (No doubt, it's happened before and it will happen again. Even I was only 14 when CoD4 came out, and my dad got it for me XD). That's just my 2 cents.

Both titles might end up being out on both consoles. Not everyone is going to run out and spend $400+ on a new console just for a single game. I would assume BF is going to do what they did for Battlefield 2 Modern Combat and release it on the current console and the next gen console. I think it makes more sense seeing that the sells wouldn't be that great if it was only on the next generation consoles especially right around the launch of the console and knowing another title won't be out for probably two more years after this one comes out.

that is a very comprehensive stats chart 

First weeks of May, as they do every year.  Just because a competitor releases something, doesn't mean they have to.  My best guess is they show it off when MS announces the next gen Xbox at the end of April.

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