Where to go after Anor Londo?

Looking what my next step is.

I have the lordvessel and not sure where to go. The Demon Ruins and Tomb of Giants are still blocked off with Yellow barriers (ie: can't go through them), and Frampt won't talk to me, he's sleeping. I think I need to speak to him, but can't wake him up.

If anyone can point me in the right direction, I'd appreciate it.


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Never mind. Apparently I had to reload my game and was able to speak to Frampt.

Dont go to Frampt! Wait until after you beat New Londo Ruins. Kaathe is the REAL Darkstalker, and runs the darkwraiths. You get the red eye orb from them, which lets you invade constantly. If you already put in the Lordvessel your screwed until next time, but Frampt is a LIAR!! That SOB picked the WRONG side >:)

Also, if he was sleeping you could just hit him ONCE and he will wake up. Do it again and he gets mad though. I suggest New Londo, but it seems im too late, and you sealed your fate