Where to find rare species

Anyone know where you can find black panthers, red howler monkeys, etc?


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The red howler monkey is on an island in the south that you can't get to until you reach a certain part in the story, closer to the end. The white panther is on your hideout island. I'm assuming those are the rate animals your looking for

Black Panthers are pretty common on the islands,  a few of the story missions take you to the locations.

Cool. I'm only about 55% through the game. I've been doing side stuff a lot so I'll get back on the main story line. Thanks fellas.

I also found the white panther on one of the assassins missions for the templer keys it appeared near the end of a hunting mission. If you are having trouble finding the animals for upgrades you can buy them but they are costly.

Yep, you guys are right. I'm at 72% now and have found all these critters. Black panther, white panther and the red howler monkey.