Where to find Powedered Mammoth Tusk???

I can't find it anywhere. I assume there is a way to turn the regular Mammoth Tusks into the powdered reagent, but can't figure it out. Help??


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bump. question not yet answered

Can you grind one into a powder form in an alchemy lab? It's the only thing I can think of.

No, you cant. i heard a rumor that you can use the grain mill to grind it up, but i tried that and it wont let me activate the mill. anyone verify that i need to complete a quest to activate the mill??

bump. same reason as before.

I've milled... Not tusks though.

Are you doing a quest that requires the powdered mammoth tusk?  If so, there should be a marker pointing you in the right direction.  It should be found in a grinding bowl at a giant camp.

I just finished a companion quest and in it one of the bandits had this item. I just took it off the dead body.

Who wants this item, because I had 2 and accidentally used one in a stamina potion